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Brady Air Conditioning is a reputable Union, full service repair and remodeling company established in 1983. With a great deal of experience in the installation of numerous HVAC and Plumbing jobs and applications we provide service to

  • Commercial and Retail Establishments
  • Residential Dwelling
  • High-End Residential
  • Schools
  • Community Building

Brady Air Conditioning Awarded 2012 Cal SMACNA Craftmanship of the Year Award!
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Our goal is to provide a constantly improving level of products and service as our customer base grows. Whether you are getting too Hot or too Cool, we can tame the temperature in your home or business.

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Brady Air Conditioning, Inc.

338 North Canal Street Unit 5, South San Francisco, CA. 94080
Phone: 650-742-9640 - Fax: 650-742-0452
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

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